301 Panthers


The 301 Panthers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) youth sports organization  based in Brandywine, Maryland. 

This organization was founded by Charles  and Jessica Wright in 2008. Before starting their own organization, both  Charles and Jessica have volunteered at various associations by  providing their support and assistance in a variety of capacities.  Charles has coached both football and basketball for children ages 5 to  15. While Jessica has coached basketball (for the little guys ages 5  & 6) and provided organizational assistance (to include planning  events and filling in as a team mom). She additionally served on several  football boards as VP and President respectively.

Together, both Wrights volunteered for over 6 years before deciding  to launch their own program. While volunteering at other organizations  it became clear that everyone was not in it for the right reasons. They  quickly learned that for some, it was about winning and for others it  was about making money. Each is definitely the wrong reason to be  involved in youth athletics. Moreover, it was equally as disappointing  to see less athletic participants sit on the sideline picking grass. For  the Wrights, all those factors and experiences played an intricate part  in their decision making and prompted them to start the 301 Panthers.  When designing the program, the Wrights adopted an approach and  philosophy that's simple...everyone plays! Early on, they mandated that  all coaches on their staff teach participants the fundamentals. Charles  manages the football operations for the 301 Panthers program, while  Jessica manages the organizational design and business administration  for the association.

The 301 Panthers program provides participants with the tools they  need to succeed in their youth career, we make it fun and cultivate the  skills they need to be successful in their high school careers. The  current 301 Panthers athletic program offerings are basketball, football  and cheerleading. These programs were designed to provide young players  (ages 5-15) a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in a variety of  sports, while learning lessons in teamwork, dedication while developing  character and life skills. 

The 301 Panthers strongly encourage and  cultivate an environment where learning is key; and building &  maintaining a strong educational foundation is a must!

Although Charles and Jessica founded  the 301 Panthers, they attribute much of their success to the countless  volunteers, individuals and businesses that contribute yearly to their  athletic programs -- each are an integral part of the ongoing success of  the 301 Panthers.

Website: www.301panthers.org