About Us

The Metropolitan League Sports Association (MLSA), was created in 2010, by a joint effort of football based programs in effort to keep  their core student athletes in the program after football season ended.  It is a competitive league that offers ages from 4-16 years of age the opportunity to enhance their skills, social development, and foster sportsmanship and program pride.

As an advocate for education, we realize that our youth is very impressionable and need discipline, structure, and guidance. MLSA offers  discipline, structure, and guidance while developing socialization skills, goal setting, career development and stresses academics. Through our leadership, we have helped to boost our program spirit after each season has ended. Community ties can be witnessed with a vast array of volunteers, MLSA allows it's athletes to "be a part of something  special."

It is a innovative league with no down sides that ultimately  helps players, cheerleaders, parents, and communities build stronger social bonds.