Prince George's Bears


The PG County Bears program was established in 2010 as a  youth sports program that provides an appropriate structure and has  clear rules, expectations, and responsibilities for youth, parents,  coaches, officials, and other organizers. 

Starting youth out with the  right mindset toward sports has become increasingly important. We teach  youth the basic fundamentals while having fun playing sports which  increases their chances of leading an active, healthy lifestyle. 

The PG  Bears Program is a parent-child participation program. We  encourage all of our parents to participate with us as we teach youth  the fundamentals of sports. We take careful consideration for a child’s  needs and channel that energy into positive sports play. Learn more  about us by visiting us online

Derell Walker, Basketball Commissioner for the PG County Bears has  over 10 years experience coaching youth basketball. Coach Rel is  Co-Founder of 3 on 3 Tour which holds national 3 on 3 basketball  tournaments like the world famous 3 on 3 Basketball tournament "Hoops  for Diabetes" and the "3 on 3 Hoops for Education". As a Coach for the  PG County Bears, he grew up with a love of sports and view athletics as a  great opportunity to learn lifelong skills that transcend the athletic  realm. He aspires to develop players who play an unselfish brand of team  first basketball, have tremendous character and give 100% effort in  whatever they undertake.

On the court, he teaches the fundamentals of basketball. As a coach,  his team goals are to always Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together, and  Have Fun! Coach Rel knows that one day, someone from the PG Bears  Basketball program will one day go on to play in the NBA. As a result,  his philosophy is that life lessons taught by coaches and role models  are more important than anything basketball related. Although valuable,  the outcomes of the games and physical skills learned are not nearly as  influential as teaching youth good sportsmanship, strong work ethic,  having a positive attitude, constructive teamwork and most importantly  how to win at life.